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Hot Springs GardenHome Spa & Massage

Our massage therapist have over 16 years of combined experience in massage therapy and skin care. They have practiced in New York City, Little Rock, and now bring their innovative techniques to Hot Springs. We provide a quiet, clean, and warm home spa experience located in one of Hot Springs renovated historic houses. Garden Home Spa is conveniently located downtown near the intersection of Central and Grand with plenty of parking in front and back.



The physical and Mental Benefits of Massage


Massage is one of the oldest therapeutic methodologies, popular worldwide ever since the occurrence of human physical pain. Almost everyone enjoys good comforting massage by a licensed professional therapist. Some massage techniques may feel a bit painful at the moment, but they are truly relaxing and beneficial to our health.


The moment you expect to get good massage, psychologically you have already started to feel relieved of pain. Scientists once conducted an experiment, giving testers the impression that they are having a massage but in reality are not. The result is very positive that testers report a good amount of pain relief.


Research suggest that massages help relieve cancer pain, anxiety , headaches, high blood pressure, muscle soreness, injury reconstruction, carpal tunnel syndrome, neck disorders, and other diseases. This research also indicates that massage can have a positive effect on arthritis and other joint pain.


Professional massages often can be very beneficial in helping to relax the muscles, relieving muscle cramps, and extending the active range of injured joints. Massage also relieve emotional stress and often put patients in a good mood leading to a better outlook on life and better sleep.

Many professionals know to apply massage techniques, including physical therapist, osteopathic physicians, athletics trainers, nurses, and course licensed massage therapist. They can massage the whole body, or only the back, neck, shoulder, foot or other specific areas. There are many massage methods that help with joint, bone, and soft tissue.


Adding massage lotion or oil can be beneficial, reducing the sensitivity of the skin making patients feel more comfortable. Heat via hot rocks, hot towels, or heat blankets can also be used to bring even more comfort and relaxation.


Be noted that massage is not medicine and doctors are still advised when it comes to medical care.